July 2002

Here's the July 2002 issue of Muscle Mag International. You can read Johnny Fitness' editorial along with my reply to the numerous comments to the recent article I wrote to the magazine. 






























































































June 2002

My letter to the editor was published in the June 2002 issue of Muscle Mag International. Here's how it appeared:




Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness

November 2001 Issue






Is your head thumping after a heavy leg day in the gym? Don't reach for aspirin - instead, give the shiatsu headache treatment a try. This Japanese accupressure therapy is guaranteed to eliminate headache pain and stimulate healing all over the body by stimulating key pressure points. Says certified shiatsu therapist Preston Rendell, the therapy is useful for all kinds of aches and pains. The owner of a personal training business in Medford, Mass., Preston was the 1982 Mr. Natural USA as sanctioned by the now-defunct Christian Bodybuilders Association. At 6-0 and 222 lbs., he still carries heavy muscle. He's also certified in polarity, reflexology, deep muscle therapy, sports massage and jin shin do (Chinese accupressure.) To obtain the headache treatment or to find out more about alternate health treatments and training advice, visit www.prestonshealthspa.net

In issue # 235 of Muscle Mag International (Jan.2002) I had a feature article in which I picked "The Best Bodybuilder Of the Twentieth Century."I critique as well as analyze the top bodybuilders of the period and come up with what I feel is a valid conclusion.I choose John Carol Grimek and Steve Reeves. Grimek for his perfect muscle mass and Reeves for his extremely unique physique.It's a detailed article and you can back order it from Muscle Mag International if you're interested.