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Personal Training

Good Health - Internally, Externally and Eternally

Custom Designed Training and Nutritional Program

Regardless of your age or fitness level, you can make a considerable improvement in your physique, energy level and health.

I've owned President City Health Club in Quincy, Massachusetts and Preston's Health Spa in Hyannis, Massachusetts. My health club in Quincy was the third health club in the state. Preston's Health Spa was the second on Cape Cod. There are now approximately 30 health clubs on Cape Cod and hundreds of health clubs in Massachusetts. I've trained thousands of people from all walks of life, all ages, and all sizes and shapes. It all comes down to this. If you have the will and want to make improvements in your physique, I HAVE THE WAY!

I've been doing this for over 30 years. I'll analyze your Custom Designed Training and Nutrition questionnaire. I'll design an exercise routine specifically for you. No associates or employees or computer will design your program. I ALONE DO IT. I'll also design a Supercharged DietŠ for you as well as make recommendations for aerobic training.

I'm not one of those huge personal training businesses where they put the information in a computer and send you a routine. I'll take a sincere interest and have you working your muscles so that you will have 3 times as much pep and energy than you ever thought you had. You'll receive your routine on the exact workout card that I used in my health clubs. I tell everybody in my health club, "I got a reputation to keep - so you have to look good!"

And remember what I said - it's FUN! Success comes in degrees or notches. You'll look better in one month, and the next month better than that. In six months, you'll wish you had done this sooner and in a year you'll see a new you!

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