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Steve Reeves Tribute

Good Health - Internally, Externally and Eternally




The following letter was printed in the Oct. 2000 issue of Muscle Mag International in tribute to the late Steve Reeves:

"The gods have called Hercules back from his Earth mission. His goal is completed. If the gods feel that his return to Earth again is necessary, they will send him down. Steve Reeves and John Carol Grimek were - and still are - the epitome of the iron game."

"Steve Reeves was, is and always will be Hercules. He was put on the Earth to inspire youths to take up bodybuilding, fitness and the disciplined lifestyle that goes with them. I was 14 years old, weighing 87 pounds and had asthma. After seeing pictures of Mr. Reeves and reading his bodybuilding articles, I knew that was what I wanted for the rest of my life. I've since owned two health clubs, won Mr. USA in 1981 (Natural), placed second in my height class in the Masters Universe in 1997 in Las Vegas, have written a highly successful book (a satire on the health club industry), and I run a personal training business."

"I am thrilled to put that same look of hope and optimism into my clients' eyes. I'd do it for free if I could. And it's all because of Steve Reeves. My only regret is that I didn't meet him in person, shake his hand and thank him."

-Preston Rendell, Bodybuilding National Champion





In the March 2001 issue of MuscleMag, another letter was published as a follow-up:

"Thank you for putting my tribute to Steve Reeves in your Oct. 2000 issue. I meant every word of it. If I could have arranged it I would have given Mr. Reeves five years of my life. That's what his inspiration meant to me. I truly was a very sickly adolescent and had a childhood that was an absolute nightmare!"

"That was until Mr. Reeves' inspiration and my father giving me the $30 to send away for a bodybuilding course that I would start my health odyssey."

"I've seen a lot of bodybuilders come and go - mostly go - as I'm sure you have. But what I try to instill in my clients is that health and fitness and bodybuilding should be a lifetime endeavor. The rewards being strength, high energy, and longevity - of course."

"I personally will stop working out when I stop breathing and if I can arrange it - a gym on a beach in the next life and maybe I'll get to finally meet Mr. Reeves."

-Preston Rendell, Mr. USA (Natural)


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