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Ten Questions

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  1. How much does it cost?    This is the first question asked 99% of the time. And, it should be. You should want to know the price, what a membership can do for you, and what are my qualifications. My rates are $40 for a 3-month exercise routine, $40 for a Supercharged DietŠ, or $70 for both. Renewal rate for an additional 3 months is only $25. See Questionnaire page. Look at my biography for my qualifications. Look at my testimonial page for what I can do for you.

  2. Am I too old to make improvements?    Believe it or not, I've been asked this question by people in their 20s. The answer is no. I've had members from 12 to 80 years old and they've all made improvements in ONE MONTH.

  3. If I stop working out will my muscle turn to fat?    The answer is an emphatic NO! They are two different commodities, fat and muscle. One simply cannot turn into another. If you stop working out for a brief period of time and follow your Supercharged DietŠ, you will lose no muscle.

  4. How much time will I spend working out?    That depends on your current physical shape and how much you want to change your physique. A realistic estimate would be just 1˝-5 hours per week. That's all. Remember, you are going to be eating correctly 6 days a week (one day a week you won't be eating correctly - after all, this should be fun!)

  5. How long before I see improvement?    With my individually planned program and Supercharged DietŠ, you will see results in 1 month.

  6. Do I have to diet?    Once again that depends on the individual. Your 1˝-5 hour weekly work-out routine may be all you need for your goals. You may need a slight modification in your diet or you may be eating completely wrong. It all comes down to "thermodynamics." How many calories you're burning versus how many you're taking in. If you are taking in more than you are burning - you are going to gain weight. Simple.

  7. Will I have more energy?    With my proven methods you will have 3 times the energy you started out with. I'll overhaul the entire body with particular emphasis on your problem areas. You will break down fat, flatten the abdominal area and build muscle that you never dreamed you had.

  8. Most women want to know if they will grow muscles.    The answer is only if that is what your goal is. You can go on a bodybuilding program or a firm and tone program.

  9. All men who are interested in bodybuilding ask, "can I get big and cut?"    I answer by asking them how big and cut do you want to be? Your genetic predisposition pretty much determines how big and cut you can be. You can get bigger and more cut by taking steroids, but I don't recommend using them. You get healthier at my health club, not unhealthier. Around 1985, a male of 25 years of age told me he was interested in bodybuilding but said, " I don't want to look like those guys in the muscle magazines." I told him, "Don't worry, you won't!"  This was years before any bodybuilding magazines were promoting natural bodybuilding exclusively. I told that potential member that unless he was willing to live a disciplined lifestyle for 5-10 years of eating, sleeping and working out correctly, he could forget about being in those muscle magazines. And in those years, most of the physiques were chemically enhanced.

  10. Most women ask, "can I loose size in my thighs and hips?"    The answer is YES! I had a female member who had an interview as an airline attendant within 2 months. She wanted to lose size in those areas. She said her mother and grandmother had her same type of physique. She had a rare physique in that she was very thin everywhere except her thighs, hips and rear-end. She said she had tried everything and nothing worked. She lost some minimal weight, but it was almost always in her bust-line. I put her on an exercise routine with specific aerobic exercises and a Supercharged DietŠ. By the time her interview came, she had lost close to 5 inches off her hips and rear-end. She told me she had to take in all of her slacks and dresses but was grateful she had to. She gained some minimal size in other areas. Just enough to make everything in proportion. It's called body sculpting.

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